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About us

Mina Art Studio proudly offers a full spectrum of services, including exquisite wedding photography and videography, alongside our well-established portrait studio. Our unwavering commitment to sincerity and client satisfaction defines every project we undertake. Through a combination of candid and choreographed approaches, we skillfully capture the unique essence of couples and families.

Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, our portrait studio offers a welcoming space to fulfill all your photography needs.

More about Mina & Bobby

We are a photography duo comprised of a husband and wife, united by a shared goal yet driven by distinct visions. Our philosophy holds that a skillful photographer must possess an eye for detail and an abundance of patience.

At the core of our specialized photography business lies the art of capturing moments that unveil the happiness of couples. Through candid interactions and organic mingling, Mina Art Studio crafts photographs that overflow with authentic emotion. Our portfolio is rich with action shots: couples enveloped in confetti, swaying in each other’s embrace against scenic backdrops, or engaged in heartfelt conversations on their way to the reception.

Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to transparent communication set the foundation for a tailored experience that mirrors your desires. Furthermore, our collaboration with an exceptional video production team amplifies our capabilities.

I, Mina, am fueled by a passion that encompasses diverse artistic avenues. Armed with a B.A. degree in graphic design and acclaimed for illustrating several children’s books, I possess a deep understanding of composition, color theory, and lighting. My personal pursuit of painting bolsters my ability to curate striking custom graphic photos for your wedding album. If our synergy resonates with your vision, we warmly invite you to reach out and connect!

Meet The Team



Lead Photographer
Owner & founder



Lead Photographer

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Lead Cinematographer

Nima T

Lead Cinematographer


We help provide the experience of a joyful session and photographic memories that will remind you always.
The treasured images will be a distinguished part of your family's recorded heritage. 


How can we help you?

1713 W 33rd St. Edmond, OK 73013     I    Tel: (405)906-9063 


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