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Are You Guilty Of Making These Wedding Photograph Mistakes?

So you think you know how to pose, considering you have been a pro at selfies. Well, it does not work like that for weddings. Posing for pictures is an intense structural process. There are rules and basics that one needs to follow to make sure their wedding photos are bedside-worthy.  

So we got you ten tiny but important mistakes every bride makes, and you know what? They can really make a difference to your wedding photos if you get them right.

• Not Telling Photographer The Exact Gathering Size

You want every moments of you wedding day so always more than one photographer is better. While you definitely don't need a barrage of a 10-person army, hiring two photographers for a large gathering is probably not going to be enough.

• Tight Facial Features

What kills a photograph is facial features that are tight and stressed out. Here is a quick trick: Breathe in and release your breath while smiling. It creates a naturally relaxed look on your face.

• Not Getting Intimate

It's your wedding, go ahead and plant a kiss on his/her cheek or lips and let him/her whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Not getting intimate and standing side by side will definitely not contribute to great wedding photographs.

• Always Facing A Camera Directly

While you can face the camera directly for some shots, keep your head at a slight angle. Title your head at an angle wherein you are looking and the camera person's shoulders; it creases a beautiful profile of your face and gives more flattering angles.

• Don't Forget Simple Tricks

Hand-on-hip pose? Master it. Duckface? Know it well. Don't Stand stiff; keep it loose and fun. It becomes really important to have supreme confidence that will result in great wedding photos.

• Not Discussing Shots With Photographer

It's a Rookie mistake. You need to really discuss your shots beforehand and not go impromptu because if you don't like a shot, you get annoyed and might spoil your wedding photographs.

• Not Looking At Each Other

The most romantic shots are not of you and your finance cuddling and looking at the camera but looking at each other. These deep soulful gazes must be done for some super romantic photographs.

• Forgetting To Smile

Simple as hell, but in that bridal hurry and tension, every bride forgets this rule. Be happy; it's your day. But subdue your smile. Stay happy, let your eyes glimmer, and your smile will catch up.

• Not Bringing BFFs To The Shoot

So you need to just stand there and stare into each other's eyes. Well, it's tough, isn't it? So okay, the trick is to bring a friend and keep talking between shots, smiling and carrying on a conversation, and being fun, all naturally. It breaks the ice, so try it.

• Forgetting Props

We know they are silly, but they bring out a laugh, at most a snigger or a smile, and that makes things cute. Bring these props and keep them going. Even if, in the end, they don't make for great pics, it's okay, but get them anyway.

Final Words:

Preserve your precious memories with excellence and entrust them to the capable hands of a Wedding Photographer in Oklahoma like Mina Art Studio, who will create timeless images you'll cherish forever.


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